Sunday, July 10, 2016

Teaching and Finding

Hey everybody!

Its already week 5 in the Transfer. Glad to hear you all are doing well. Its been pretty hard to find people to teach in this area of Colorado. The Member referrals didn't turn out that well. They wouldn't answer their door. We did a ton of tracting and street contacting and taught a couple lessons. But they were those Lesson 1 only people and didn't go anywhere. It has been pretty hot here too. I am so thankful we have a car to drive. It not only hastens the work, but it gives air conditioning. 

We found one lady named Sherree. She has a daughter who has a really good friend who is on a mission. She knows little about the church and we offered her some service in her backyard. She happily accepted and we pulled out a lot of weeds for her and trimmed her bush. We are planning to go back and do some more so we will see what happens. We set up an appointment with a part member family named the Lawhons. Jeremy Lawhon is the father and he has been less active ever since he entered adulthood. His wife is a catholic but is somewhat open minded to our message. We taught them the restoration and watched the 20 min video about Joseph Smith on Saturday. She was a little intrigued and wants to read from the Book of Mormon. Jeremy says he wants to get active again but he is trying to get his kids baptized in our church and at the same time his wife is trying to get them baptized in the Catholic Church. We have a return appointment on Wednesday at 8pm and a member of the Bishopric will come with us. 

We had District meeting this week and our district came up with a vision to get more members to give us referrals. We will be asking the members to invite a nonmember to every diner appointment we have and Elder Eldredge and I will be taking a 5th Sunday lesson in July. The stake President, Mission President, all ward missionaries and ward mission leaders, and full time missionaries in the stake will have a meeting to attend on July 5th. The meeting is designed to train ward missionaries on their duty and how we can hasten the work in the Arapahoe stake. President Mendanhall asked Elder Eldredge and I to give training's at the meeting, so it will be interesting. Yesterday was Elder Eldredge's Birthday so the member that we live with gave us $50 to go out. We went to Chillis and had some good steaks. This Friday is MLC's again and the week after that will be another MLC but this one will focus on the Fort Collins Temple Dedication and Open House. A member of the Temple Dedication Committee will come down to Broomfield to teach the missionaries how to use this in our approaches. 

As of right now, no instructions have been given to us about the 4th of July. We normally have to go inside right after dinner on a holiday, but we will probably talk about it at MLC. The 4th of July is on a P-Day this year so that will be interesting. Hope you all are enjoying your summer despite the heat.


            Elder Rodriguez

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