Monday, January 19, 2015

New Companion!

Hello all!

So I completed my 12 week training! Elder Timothy got transferred but I got to stay. My new companion's name is Elder Brinkerhoff and he is from Nevada. He is really cool and is a big change from Elder Timothy. This week was kinda slow for the work because Elder Timothy had to pack his luggage. He has so much stuff and he even gave some of it to me. Our New Years was pretty fun. Elder Timothy, another set of Elders, and I went over to a members house in another ward and we have a mystery diner that was Harry Potter Themed. We also played "Settlers of Catan". It was a blast. They put me as the designated driver out of me and my companion! It is a little scary driving in the snow but I manage haha

My ward switched to 1:00 to 4:00. I don't like it too much but it's alright. So on Tuesday, Elder Timothy, another set of Elders, and I went to Buffalo Wild Wings for lunch and I did their "Blazin Challenge". I had to eat 12 of their hottest wings in 6 minutes or under. And my time was 5:13. I won a shirt and a sticker. They also took my picture and they are going to put it on their wall. Good proselyting tool, lol. It is a little cold here but I'm staying warm.

This Thursday we got to listen to Elder Bednar speak at a conference, and it was a blast. He was so inspiring. It was so cool, he gave us 3 talks to read before we have our meeting with him and then, for pretty much the whole 3 hours we were with him, he asked us questions about them. He also gave us a time where we could ask him anything we wanted. There were so many missionaries that he didn't get through to all of us, but a lot of questions were answered! We actually have a new investigator we are teaching. We contacted him on a walking path. He is golden. I really like Arvada and the ward I am in. Today is Zone P-Day and it's the only P-Day the Elders get to do things with the Sisters. In a few hours my Zone and I are going hiking. I miss you all greatly.


Elder Rodriguez

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Happy New Year!

Hi Everyone,

I hope you all had a good Christmas! We had a really good week. We visited a lot of people and less-actives. It snowed like crazy on Christmas Day! We also had really fun watching our movies. Elder Bednar is going to come to the area and speak to all the missionaries on Jan. 9th. That will be awesome. We also have a mission wide meeting on New Year’s Day. 

So Elder Timothy and I got a huge gift for Christmas from the ward. They gave us a bunch of chocolate, tortilla chips, beef jerky, and some other stuff. We have been eating junk food a lot lately. It was snowing pretty good this morning but it kind of died down now. President Mendenhall said that Elder Timothy is leaving but he doesn't know what will happen to me. I might go or I might stay. I don't think we get to stay up for New Year’s but we have to be home by 6:00pm. I miss you all and I miss home. Until next time,


Elder Rodriguez

Merry Christmas!

Hello Everybody,
Merry Christmas! This week was awesome. So Sis Morales's daughter came back on Friday and then her Son and his family came Saturday night. So we are moved into a recent converts house. They are called the Harpers and the husband is a trucker. He took us for a ride in his big freight-liner truck Saturday night. It was such an awesome experience. Last night I went on exchanges with one of the Zone Leaders and we tracked out an apartment complex. To my amazement we have a lot of success. We found a few potential investigators.

We are going to quite a few places for Christmas Eve and Day. President Mendenhall is going to give us a list of approved movies we can watch on Christmas Day and he said Frozen is one of them! We had our Christmas devotional on Tuesday and I ran into Sister Mills from the Mar Vista Ward. She is almost done with her mission. I hope you all our having a very good Christmas!


Elder Rodriguez

Sister Mills and I