Sunday, July 10, 2016

New Transfers

Hey Everybody,

Another Monday is here and almost over. P-days fly by so fast. This week was super crazy. Tuesday before transfers Elder Conlin and I saw so many people to teach and take pictures with. Wednesday was transfer day and we spent a lot of time getting missionaries luggage and bikes to the zones they needed to be in. And needing to be with a companion 24/7 makes things more complicated. But it was fun seeing my friends and catching up with them. My new companion, Elder Eldredge, is awesome. He is from Georgia and I think we will have fun together this transfer. Friday was MLC up at the mission office. We normally do it at another building but since we got Boulder it became the new central building for the mission. I think that's why they changed it. Arapahoe is actually a county so I am covering a lot of Aurora. Coming back from MLC we were able to stop for dinner at Cafe Rio in one of my past areas in Denver/Aurora. It was so awesome and weird to be in an area I served in again. We call it being area trunky. 

Arapahoe is a VERY wealthy part of Aurora which makes the work harder due to the pride of the people. It's very hard tracting and street contacting. However, we have been working really hard the past couple of days and found a couple of promising people. Last night we were tracting and we knocked on a door that opened up. It was a man named Marv who answered and he looked as if he was very not interested in our message. Remarkably he let us in to do a quick survey. After the survey we asked if we could share one of the lessons and he accepted as well. He has a daughter that pasted away 3 weeks ago and wasn't doing well. We shared the plan of salvation and he was very open to it all. You can tell that the spirit was working on him. He said we could come back in 30 days and he will pray and read about the things we taught him. Hopefully he does that.

Sunday was pretty busy too. We cover 2 wards now so we went to sacrament meeting for one where the bishop asked me to bear my testimony then we took off to the other ward for the last 2 hours. Zone Conference is tomorrow and Wednesday so Elder Elderdge and I will be judging cars tomorrow. Then Wednesday will be our turn for Zone Conference. We will have a busy week. President Mendenhall is famous for transferring missionaries at their last transfer. I've seen him do it to so many missionaries and it might happen to me. So I'm not sure if this will be my last area. The wards I cover are awesome. We get fed in one a lot but the other not so much. Probably because one is a lot smaller than the other. Arapahoe Zone is very small. There are only 12 missionaries serving here and they're all elders. But it is pretty cool down here, it is a lot like Parker.

Summer is definitely here as well. It has been pretty hot lately averaging in the 80's. That's probably nothing compared to Whittier though. Tomorrow we will have to go to Downtown Denver to get a light on our truck fixed. I love Downtown so much. That's why I take pictures of it all the time and I would love to serve there if I have the chance. I hope you all have a great week!


            Elder Rodriguez

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