Sunday, July 10, 2016

Mission run!

Hey Everyone!

Transfers are tomorrow and I will be getting transferred to Arapahoe CO. I will still be a Zone Leader so I will have another opportunity to serve the missionaries in the zone. By the time I go home I will have served in just about every zone in the mission except for couple. My new companion will be Elder Eldredge. I'm not sure where is from but I served with him when I was in Denver and he is an awesome guy. I have been greatly blessed with awesome companions for some time now. I will definitely miss Elder Conlin a lot. We got along so well and accomplished many things together. He is staying in Westminster and will be getting another companion.

The mission expanded and we got 2 new stakes from the other missions. We got Boulder stake from the Ft. Collins mission and the Parker South Stake from the Colorado Springs mission. However, we aren't getting a whole lot of new missionaries. So there will be many missionaries covering 2 wards at a time. I will be doing that in Arapahoe. 

I got my stitches out last Monday and my scar seems to be healing properly. I absolutely loved serving in Westminster. I will miss the ward members and the people we worked with. Two less actives got the Priesthood on Sunday and I ordained one of them to the office of Elder. There are two investigators that we are working with that will probably get baptized sometime in the near future, I can feel it. Suerina and her daughter Antionette. She is really sad that I am leaving but if she gets baptized I might go back to attend. 

Yesterday was the Mission 5k run. All the missionaries in the mission came up to Westminster for a 5k run. We all had to run/walk by zones. It wasn't a competition but in the minds of the missionaries it was. It was a blast seeing all my friends and missionaries I worked with. After that all the elders in our zone had a bbq and played football on our last P-Day of the transfer. It was a really fun day. Until next time,


            Elder Rodriguez

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