Sunday, July 10, 2016


Hey Everybody,

This week was a crazy one for Elder Conlin and l. Last Monday was fun; we played basketball with a couple of the other elders. Elder Brinkerhoff, a former companion, and I ran into each other and collided eyes. He was unharmed but his hard rock skull gave me a cut right above my left eye. It was bleeding pretty bad and the mission nurse told us to go to urgent care and get it stitched up. I only got 3 stitches and I will get them out later today. First time ever getting stitches. 

We are finding new people to teach every week. We have an investigator named Suerina that we've been teaching for months and we taught her daughter this week as well. Her name is Antionette and she is 15. We took them on a church tour with a member from the Young Womens presidency. She is pretty interested in coming to young womens so we will see how that goes. We taught the Restoration to a man name Seth this week. He is from Ghana and doesn't speak English very well but he understands a lot, much more than most of the people we teach. He is very interested in Jesus Christ coming to the Americas and we committed him to read the first 3 chapters of the Book of Mormon. Hopefully he will progress in the coming weeks.

We are also teaching a less active named Phil. Phil was baptized many years ago but because of his hard heart he got his name removed. He then got rebaptized in 2009 and has been semi active ever since. He has done a pretty good job coming to church. On average he goes 3 times a month. But he will be getting the Aaronic Priesthood this Sunday. He is also really excited to get his Patriarchal blessing. Bill Hockstad is another less active that missionaries have been teaching for a long time. A couple months ago he got the Aaronic Priesthood and this Sunday he will get the Melchezidek Priesthood. He is an awesome guy and he asked me to ordain him. 

On Thursday we did service at a place called Life Care. It is an assisted living facility and since Elder Conlin is new, they made him watch a training video and take a test in order to be a volunteer. I did the whole process a couple months ago. They are a lot more serious than any of the other places I have done service at on my mission so it felt a little weird. It's a fun place to do service at though. Stella is doing a lot better now. She moved in with a friend across the street from her old home and she is waiting to get new housing. She will know by June 8th.

The weather is pretty nice now; 70s and 80s. Transfers are going to be on June 1st, it's a Wednesday. I will probably get transfered; I've never been in an area for 6 months and I've already been here for 4 1/2. There will be some changes in the mission boundaries probably starting next transfer. I heard we will be getting Broomfield which was previously in the Fort Collins mission. People say we will be getting Boulder as well, but nobody knows yet except the higher ups. Until next time,


            Elder Rodriguez

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