Sunday, July 10, 2016

Dropping Spree :(

Hey Everybody,

Happy Monday again. Zone Conference was pretty fun as well as car judging. The week went pretty well too. We have been on a dropping spree for awhile now. The people in our teaching pool are not willing to progress. On Saturday we taught a less active couple that struggle with reading the scriptures. Actually just the wife does. I invited her to read the scriptures everyday but she wasn't going to have it. She felt we didn't know enough and that she was on a different level of spirituality. We found a couple of new investigators but they don't seem all that promising. They both said they will be at church yesterday but neither of them were. But Elder Eldredge and I are planning to do a ton of finding this week. Boulder is in our mission now, and from what the missionaries serving there now say, it is pretty cool. The zone goes into the mountains a little, or a lot, not sure.

Sundays are always crazy for us. We cover two wards but they both start at the same time. Whatever investigators attend sacrament meeting, that is the ward we will go to. But we attend two missionary correlation meetings, a ward counsel, and report to two ward mission leaders. At least it keeps us busy and on our feet.

This week is Zone Meeting and the High counselor for Missionary Work will be attending as well. He will also be providing us with pizza. One of the wards will be having a BBQ Picnic at a park. So we will try to get our investigators and less actives there. Other than that, nothing else will be happening. Just the normal week again. I am certainly enjoying the warmth but not the heat. We live with two guys in a town home and we don't have air conditioning. They are both Polynesian and one of them is Less Active. But the active one's name is Tyrone. He is married and has children but they live in Utah. He is living in Colorado for work and visits his family every 3 weeks or so. I miss you all! Until next time.


            Elder Rodriguez

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