Sunday, April 26, 2015

I'm Back!

Hello Everyone!

Hope you all have been great the past couple weeks! The past couple of weeks haven't been the best because nobody has been answering our calls and texts. Our lessons have been getting lower but our finding hours have been going up. There are only 4 more weeks of the transfer and there is a huge possibility that one of us will get transferred. Elder Merrill keeps teasing me that I will be training or a district leader or something next transfer. But I keep telling him that isn't going to happen, lol.

We got just a little snow on Friday but it all melted. I hope we don't get any more snow till next winter. There are a lot of students coming into the ward for the summer; it is starting to get big. This past week EVERYBODY has been giving us so much food, pizza, donuts, sandwiches, fruit. Also more people than usual signed up for dinner this week. We both feel super blessed. We are actually in Brighton, CO as I am typing because Elder Merrill had a doctor’s appointment here. We got permission to do our emails here instead of going all the way back to Parker. But we will return to Parker when we our done.

Today is Zone P-Day and we are all playing a bunch of sports. Elder Merrill thinks it will be boring but I think it will be awesome. We are going to start using bikes soon!  I really miss my bike. It will get well used when it gets here. I absolutely love the Crowfoot YSA Ward. There are so many missionary minded people who want to help us out and the activities are very effective for Less-actives and investigators.
I miss you all. I will try and get you some pictures soon. Until next time,


Elder Rodriguez