Sunday, July 10, 2016

Happy 4th!!

Hey Everybody,

Happy 4th of July, even though it passed. The libraries were closed yesterday so we had a little more time to do P-Day stuff. It was a fairly hot day as well. Yesterday morning we were able to attend a ward breakfast in a members spacious back yard. Over half the people there were not members so we were able to talk to a couple. We played a lot of sports with the other elders in the zone. We played basketball, speed ball, and indoor soccer. The members fed us good too. For dinner we had hamburgers, hot dogs, stake, ribs, chicken, and other stuff. They also had other family visiting them as well. Today we have a stake wide ward missionary training that we have to go to. President Mendenhall, the Stake President, Elder Eldregde and I, and others will be giving training's. We have been preparing for a while now and hope it goes well. Tomorrow is another Zone Meeting and I'll be giving some input there too. 

This is the last week of the transfer and many missionaries are calling it "P-Week". But Elder Eldredge and I decided we will finish strong. I do have feelings about next transfer. I think my time as a Zone Leader will have expired and I will either be a district leader again or train. I honestly would love to train next transfer; it was so much fun training Elder Folau. The Fort Collins Temple is in the Fort Collins mission but there are a couple of stakes in the northern part of the mission that will be in that Temple District. Westminster is one of those and the youth in that stake will be participating in the youth cultural celebration. The Temple will be dedicated at the end of October, right after I get home. The Lawhons turned out to be less golden than we thought. We spoke to Jeremy a couple days ago and he told us that his wife is stubborn and is a strong catholic. She doesn't really want to read the Book of Mormon but she will be nice and listen to us. We have an appointment this Wednesday and we will see where that goes. So far no members have invited anybody to dinner. Every time we call to confirm a diner appointment and ask them they seem to take it as an offense. There are not a whole lot of members these days that will do missionary work.  

We did a lot of service this past week for non members. About a month ago we were street contacting/tracting and we talked to a guy and he said he would move out in a month. We gave him our number and told him we would love to help and he actually called us. We spent about 2 hours at his house and he bought us pizza. We also helped move a non member couple that used to investigate the church. Their daughter got murdered within the past year and the husband became supper depressed and feels like God told him to divorce his wife. The wife is a strong woman but she is going through very hard times and she is just not happy. She has been very grateful for our service and she will be moving out today. We had MLC on Friday and that was fun as always. This Friday we will have another MLC but it will be shorter.  


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