Thursday, December 18, 2014

Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays!

This week was fantastic for me and Elder Timothy. We had Zone Meeting on Thursday and we practiced our Zone skit for our big Christmas Devotional. Our skit is making fun of our last President and his wife, Pres. and Sis. Mendenhall and some of the AP's. It's pretty funny. We also had a baptism of the investigator we have been teaching. This was my first baptism and Elder Timothy gave a talk on the Holy Ghost and I gave the presentation. Saturday night was my ward's Christmas party as well. My district leader, Elder Bassett, and I both played some Christmas hymns from the hymn book.

We finally got a little more snow but it wasn't a lot. Hopefully we will get some more soon. I hope we have a white Christmas too.

Saturday Elder Timothy and I went to a member’s home and had diner. It was by far the NASTIEST thing I have eaten on my mission. It was butternut squash soup. Elder Timothy liked it but I thought it was gross, lol

I miss you all,

Elder Rodriguez


Skate Park Photos 


Hello Everyone!

It has been an exciting week for us! My district leader just interviewed our investigator for Baptism and he is good to go for this Saturday. And right after that we have our ward Christmas party which myself and my district leader will be playing a trumpet duet in the program. Elder Timothy and I go to this music store where we both bought sheet music for popular songs. They also have really nice trumpets.

We also have another investigator who has two sons that are potentials. I really hope they all get baptized really soon.  We are back at Sister Morales's now and it feels good to be back. But we will have to move again soon, because more of her kids are coming for Christmas. I just had my second and last training for all new missionaries that came out with me. I took a picture with one of the AP's that is going home this week.

I miss you all. I miss the food we have in California too, especially in N out. There is not one in my area. But Elder Timothy told me a story that some VERY disobedient missionaries in my mission drove all the way to Provo just to go to In N Out. The Mission President found out and they all got sent home.

Until next time,

Love, Elder Rodriguez

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving

Hello everyone!

I hope you all are doing well. It has gotten warmer this past week. Almost all the snow melted away. I am glad to say that we had a very good week. We have a brand new Investigator who is super interested. We taught her the first lesson and she wants to meet again. Her mom and step dad are recent converts as of September and they love having us over; they also give us hot chocolate. Her kids love to come to church as well. My companion and I survived transfers! We are the only set out of our zone of 26 missionaries who are staying together. We also had zone meeting Tuesday last week. Elder Timothy and I and another set of Elders went to lunch at Subway and we meet some people who were interested. We placed two copies of the Book of Mormon! This past Thursday went out with the second counselor in the Elders Quorum to see somebody and after that he showed us his warehouse where he and his brother own an electrical business. He showed us all the cool stuff he has in there. And to my amazement he showed us his indoor skate park! It was so cool. We also went to the Temple on Wednesday and it was so spiritual and wonderful.

 So get this, the ward members of the Christmas party committee found out I played the trumpet and now they might have me play in the program. Sister Morales has a trumpet that her son used to play.

Elder Timothy and I had a great Thanksgiving. We had it at our member’s home with her Mom and daughters. This week has been pretty crazy because we have been moving all over the place. Sister Morales's daughters came from Utah two weeks ago so we moved to another member’s home then we moved to Bishops house for the majority of the week. Then Bishop and his family came back and now we are at another member’s house right now. But we will probably move back to Sister Morales's today. The snow has pretty much all melted. It snowed a bit last night but that's it. 

Elder Timothy and I had kind of a slow week because of the Holidays, but we did what we could. We did a lot of service though. We helped Sister Morales and her daughters put up Christmas lights outside her house and then helped them decorate the inside. We also helped some ward members move into a new house.

So Saturday night, Elder Timothy and I planned for a good week but then Sunday morning he started throwing up a lot. He has been really sick lately. I went on exchanges with our district leader because his companion is sick to. I think he will be ok in the next couple of days. So we have our Christmas social on Dec. 13th right after a baptism. There are a lot of biking opportunities in my area. I really miss mountain biking a lot and I hope I will be using a bike when the warmer months get here. 

I miss you all, until next time,


Elder Rodriguez