Saturday, June 27, 2015

Brand New Area!

Hello all!
It is really starting to warm up in the Denver Metro area. It has been pretty hot, around 80 - 95 degrees. So transfers have been super hectic and crazy; a lot of change has happened. Both Elder Takis and I got transferred out and now there are only sisters in the ward. I got transferred to Aurora, called the Aurora South Zone, got called to be a district leader and am now the designated driver, moved into an apartment in Denver, and now serving with Spanish missionaries. Elder Takis got called to be a zone leader in a city called Brighton. I honestly didn't want to leave the Westminster Zone; I had so much fun there. But I am excited to see my new area as well. 
My new companion is Elder Olson and he is from St. George Utah. Since he has a dad in the military, he has lived all over the US but he has lived in St. George the last 6 months before he went to the MTC. He has been out quite a while and he goes home in 3 months. I heard a lot of things about him; some good and some bad but I am going to keep an open mind. Four missionaries in my last Zone all went home today. I really bonded with them last transfer and I am going to miss them a lot. Our new apartment is not the best but it is pretty decent. My entire mission I have lived in pretty nice places but now it’s time that I take my share of living in sketchy quarters. I know my new Zone Leaders really well. I served around them in the past. I now live in a city like area, lots of buildings and lots of trees and greenery. So a couple months ago my cavity filling I got with Doctor Warner came out for some reason and I had a huge cavity for a while. I didn't think much of it until recently. So I had to go to the dentist to get it refilled. There are so many dentists in the Broadlands area I served in last transfer and a very kind dentist in the ward told me he would take care of it free of charge, even though Salt Lake would have paid for it. So on Thursday Elder Takis and I went to his office in Louisville to get my cavity taken care of and he gave us both free cleanings. I felt super blessed and am very thankful that there are very kind and generous members of this church. Especially where I served last transfer. It was also a very wealthy area.
On Saturday, Elder Takis and I and another set of Elders went over to Bishops house to make homemade ties. The bishop’s wife is very handy with sewing. She helped us make them with the fabric we bought at Joann's the night before. It was super fun. Elder Olsen and I looked at our diner calendar and not a lot of people signed up. I also heard that my new ward didn't like one of the elders that served before I got here and that's the reason that we don't get a lot of dinners. I don't know if that is true, but if it is we will change that. We also went to the Temple on Wednesday that is always very spiritual and fun. Every time we go to the Temple it is a grand reunion for all the missionaries because different zones have different temple sessions and we all mingle and talk just outside the temple. This transfer should be really fun and interesting. I am looking forward to working a lot in my new ward. I hope all of you are enjoying your summer so far and staying cool. Below are some pictures from this past week!

            Elder Rodriguez

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