Friday, July 10, 2015

Storm on Colfax!

Hello Everyone!

Happy Monday. This week has been super crazy and one of the hardest weeks I have had. I heard the stories about elder Olson but I decided to keep an open mind. It turns out he is a lot better than what I expected. He has been disobedient in the past and he has had problems with other missionaries but he truly wants to finish his mission strong. He goes home in 11 weeks. However, there was a missionary who lost his driving privileges by going 90 miles an hour and his companion doesn't have them either. So President decided to switch them with Elder Olson and I because we both have privileges. So Elder Olson got emergency transferred to Arvada and now I am with a guy named Elder Wakeham. Elder Wakeham goes home at the end of this transfer, in 5 weeks, and he put a lot of work into his area in Arvada. And he is super mad and upset about getting transferred to Aurora. Ever since he got here on Saturday he has thrown an attitude and will not stop complaining. He doesn't have that much of a desire to be obedient either. I served around him in Parker and I really liked him. He is from Huntington Beach as well. I just hope his attitude will change and it will be a successful transfer.

I am serving in the Crestmore ward in the Aurora South Stake. The ward is super awesome; the members welcomed both of us into the ward yesterday. But I think only one person signed up yesterday for diner. The ward is just a little bigger than the Pickering ward. We are not biking since Elder Wakeham didn't bring his bike, but we have a car. 
 I don't know if you found out but there was a big storm that hit on Wednesday. Elder Olson and I were driving and we saw in the sky a tornado cloud forming. It was really freaky for me since I have never seen one. Then it started to rain and get really windy. It started to get hard and harder while the temperature dropped. It scared the crap out of me when we heard the tornado sirens and saw trash and papers being sucked up into the sky. Big balls of hail began to fall and I could not see very well. As we were trying to drive back to our apartment we saw a big tree fall over because of the wind and a bunch of branches fell onto the road where we were driving. I had to dodge them as we drove. It got so bad that we had to pull over and stay there until the storm died down but it only got worse. The streets began to flood and we couldn't go anywhere. But a kind man who lived in the house we were in front of beckoned us to come in. He allowed us to stay inside until the storm died down and offed us juice and grapes. We had an awesome conversation with him and his wife. They were Catholics but they still respected us. After the storm the streets were still flooded and Elder Olson and I decided to park somewhere and see if we can help out anybody on Colfax rd. Our feet got soaked but it was still fun.
We decided to do a new finding activity with chalk. We bought some sidewalk chalk and went to a park to draw the plan of salvation on the sidewalk. It was really fun and also pretty effective. We got some people to talk to us and ask us what we were drawing. I will get some pictures for you guys. Some parts of my new area are really ghetto. I heard Colfax rd is the longest road in America and I cover a part of it. There are drug stores, liquor stores, and strip clubs all along the road. It's like serving in Compton, lol. Oh we got TIWI's into are cars this week as well. It is a device that tracts where you are, your speed, and things like that. Salt Lake wants to increase the safety of missionaries. I hope you are all doing great and enjoying your summer. Take care, Love you!

Elder Rodriguez

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