Saturday, June 27, 2015

Summer is here!

Hello Everybody!

Happy Monday! This week was pretty normal, nothing new or exciting that happened. Elder Takis and I had the chance to bear our testimonies yesterday. One of the Elders in our zone injured his knee really bad playing football a couple weeks ago and now he has to go home. He is from Georgia and he goes home tomorrow. So we are all going to sign a card and wish him luck. So all the people that Elder Takis and I had planned for this week all bailed on us. We had to pass off one of our investigators to the YSA Elders and we have another one that doesn't keep his appointments. Hopefully we can get more investigator lessons in this week though.

Since Elder Takis and I work in 2 wards now, we went to the other ward we normally do not go to and they treated us like royalty. They really miss the missionaries and the ward members are practically fighting over our dinner calendar, lol. This Tuesday is Zone Meeting so that should be fun. Yeah it is warming up a lot, but we have been having rain and lighting almost every day. I really like it though. Hope you all have a fantastic week and enjoy the first days of summer! I'll talk to you all next Monday!


                Elder Rodriguez

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