Sunday, January 10, 2016

Winter is here!

Hello Everybody!

How is life? Seems pretty good from what you have told me. For me everything has been super crazy! So I am staying in my ward and Zone but Elder Hodson left last night.  Since Elder Hodson was gone I had to figure out transfers for the coming and going missionaries by myself last night in a trio. The next couple of days will be hard as well. We have a zone meeting we have to plan for on Wednesday and we have a Mission Christmas Devotional on Thursday. The Zone has to come up with a skit for that as well. My new companion is Elder Stencil and he is from Ohio. He has only been out for 4 1/2 months and he is a zone leader now. He doesn't really know what he is doing so he is just following my lead for now. So a lot is falling onto my plate. But I'm not too stressed just busy busy busy.

Elder Hodson and I had a really good last week. We taught lessons to people we haven't seen in a while. We were able to watch the Christmas devotional last night. Since I was in a trio I went to their ward members house. I did an exchange with a new missionary in another ward in the zone. He and his companion cover downtown Denver so I enjoyed that area. On Saturday the whole zone did some caroling at the 16th st. mall in Downtown. We were trying to get potential investigators by using the Christmas Initiative "A Savior Is Born". It turned out pretty well. There was a piano that one of the Elders Played and we borrowed an IPad from one of the members to show the Christmas Video. Have you guys seen it yet? It is pretty awesome. 

We also had MLCs on Friday with all the new Zone Leaders and Stls. A large number of missionaries went home today. I got really close to this particular group of missionaries, so I was a little bummed to see them go. I went up to the mission home last night though to drop off Elder Hodson and another Elder from the zone. There hasn't been a lot of snow lately. Most of it has melted away. This week it will be in the 50s. I truly miss you all this Holiday season and I wish you all the best for this week. Take care and I will talk to you next week!


            Elder Rodriguez

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