Sunday, January 10, 2016

Merry Christmas!

Hello all!

Merry Christmas!! It truly is a great time to share the gospel and the message of the Birth of Jesus Christ. This week was pretty crazy but we got a lot done. Denver had a huge snow storm on Tuesday and we weren't allowed to drive any mission cars that day. So Elder Stencil and I had to walk all day long in the freezing cold. It was very unpleasant but we got 4 lessons that day. One that night, a young couple was able to pick us up and help teach a lesson to Jenna, our progressing investigator. I was kinda nervous because we taught them the law of chastity and it was going to be a make or break lesson. But it went super well and the Stutez, the young couple, helped us out SO much! She accepted the commitment to get married to her boyfriend and she is moving forward. We committed them to figure out the logistic of the wedding so it can happen as soon as possible. On Wednesday the Denver Zone was able to take out some missionaries fresh from the MTC. There were 8 missionaries that were going to Farmington New Mexico but they missed their flight due to the snow storm. So they were staying in a hotel in our mission. Since their mission president didn't want them to stay in all day and do nothing, there were a few companionship's that were able to take one missionary to their area and show them what a mission is like. The Elder we took was Elder Reid from Blythe California. 

Yesterday we taught Ariana, another investigator we have. Her mother is always with us when we teach her because she is only 8 years old. We hope she gets baptized when her family is in town in about 2 weeks. The Denver Zone will go caroling again this Wednesday night at the mall in Downtown. It is supposed to snow but hopefully we can still do it. We get to watch 2 movies on Christmas Day so Elder Stencil and I might watch one with another companionship. The Star Wars movie is a big deal here in Denver as well. Everybody is seeing it. I look forward to seeing it as well in 9 months. I hope you all have a Merry Christmas!


            Elder Rodriguez

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