Sunday, November 1, 2015

Zone Conference

Hey Everybody!

Hello again and Happy Monday! This week was a blast. Elder Folau and I got a lot done. Monday we had Zone P-Day and that was a great turn out. We taught a lot of lessons. A lot of the people we are teaching are not really progressing; they just allow us to teach. Some of the people we are working with are progressing though. We had Bailey's baptism scheduled but the ward decided it would be best to post pone it for a couple of weeks. Bailey agreed to that as well. So he is now scheduled for Nov. 7th. 

Zone Conference was Thursday and Elder Folau and I got 3rd place out of 17 for the clean car award. We got a $15 gift card to Subway. It was a great Conference as well. I got a lot out of it. We are teaching a man named Arnold. He is black and in his 60s I believe. He had a stoke and can't see very well and has a number of other things. He used to be a jazz singer and he has been seeing us for a couple of weeks. A lot of the things we teach he agrees with and he always appreciates what we do for him. We hope that he can get fellow-shipped from the ward members and progress as soon as possible. 

Part of the area we serve in is very rough as I mentioned before. And some of it is very rich. Most of the people we teach are from the rough areas though. There are a lot of refugees from Thailand and other places in the world. Transfers are in 1 week and there is a great chance that I will be transferred, but we won’t know until Saturday night. Elder Folau feels he will get transferred. The ward we serve in has a history of sweeping in and out both missionaries a lot so maybe we will both leave. But I really like the area I serve in. We are going to the Temple this Wednesday morning. We have the 6am session so we have to get up at 4:30am. The sisters we share the ward with have been having a rough time. One of them was training a sister named Sister Carroll. Sister Carroll has been sick for a couple of weeks and unfortunately she had to go home a couple of days ago. Now here trainer is in a trio with another set of sisters in the zone. However she had a baptism yesterday. Her name is April and the sisters have been working with her for quite some time. I had the opportunity to interview April twice because they moved her baptismal date. It was a good service. Another Sister from my MTC District went home as well. She was going through a really hard time from the start but she pushed through for a year. I was able to give her a blessing in the MTC as well.

My trainer and his group he came out with are home now. But Elder Timothy went home a couple months early because he was going through a rough time as well. A lot of missionaries you were close to going home makes you feel somewhat alone. This Saturday is the ward Halloween activity. It is also the last Saturday of the transfer. They do a trunk or treat and a chili cook off. It is getting cooler and cooler and I hear it is supposed to snow really soon. To be honest I am not ready for 5 months of cold weather, I don't want summer to leave. Everything is going great here in Denver. There are so many new missionaries and from what I see they are rock stars. I hope all is well at home. Until next week.

            Elder Rodriguez

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