Sunday, November 15, 2015

Fist week of new Transfer

Hey everybody!

Happy Monday! Things are going great in my new area. It is a lot richer than my last area. The members we live with are called the Smiths and they are very wealthy. We live in a big house and they buy all our groceries. They are goof balls as well. She calls us freaks all the time, lol. Elder Hodson is an awesome missionary. We get along super great and it's definitely going to be a great transfer. Our teaching pool is a lot lower than my last area, but I'm not going to let that get me down. Bailey is getting baptized this Saturday. I called the new Elders in that area this morning and they are going to try to put me in the program so Elder Hodson and I can go. The ward is very good as well. We have a lot more dinners than my last area and they seem to want to help with the work a lot more. 

Thereis no snow yet. The warm weather is really fighting for its life. But personally I don't want it to snow for a long time. I want it to stay hot forever. More opportunities come with the warm weather with talking to people and stuff. But I will deal with winter in patience. Part of the zone I am in is in the heart of Downtown Denver. It's the city life I love but that part is another ward. We have some strong missionaries in the zone I serve in and I am confident it will be a great transfer. Elder Hodson goes home in 5 weeks so I will have to do my best to help him stay focused. 

On Halloween we were supposed to be in by 6pm but we had to help a set of elders move into a new apartment. They had to have all their furniture out of their old apartment by that day and Elder Hodson and I are the only ones in the zone who have a pickup truck. We had to make a lot of trips but it was fun. Then a member took us out to Red Robbin and they are a very sweet couple. So  we didn't get home till around 8pm or so. Where we live is a gated off community so we don't get trick or treaters. But there were so many people on the other streets and boulevards. This transfer ends on Dec. 7th. And Christmas is in the next transfer. I miss you all and hope all is well.


            Elder Rodriguez

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