Friday, July 24, 2015


Hello All!

This week was a little slow because we had a lot of set appointments that canceled on us at the last minute. My Training for Zone Meeting went great and I thought it was very effective. We also had a mission wide meeting on Wednesday. President wanted to talk about our 1001 baptisms for this year. Everybody was able to see old companions and mingle together. I got to see Elder Merrill and Elder Takis my last 2 comps. Those two have been my favorites so far. 

As for Elder Wakeham things are not really improving which is normal. We got into a heated argument one night because he wanted to break a rule that I didn't want to break. I called the Zone Leaders and they helped me through it. He has no desire to serve the Lord anymore. He has kinda been like this his whole mission I heard. President told me when he says "I don't care anymore" give him the phone and tell him that he can send you home. All the Baptisms I interviewed for took place. One was at the river again and another one was at the Church building.  It has been raining in Denver almost every single day. I really like it though. And it hasn't been too hot yet but I heard that it will be really soon. In my ward there are a lot of young couples, many of which are Marisa's and Aaron's age. They come and go for school, internships, and work. I really like the bishop, he is very supportive and he came with us to a lesson this past week. I wasn't too fond of my last two bishops. Just 2 more weeks and the transfer is over. I am looking forward to that, lol. We have Zone Conference this Thursday so we have to clean out our car for inspections. Nothing really new is happening but things are slowly getting better. I miss you all so much!

                        Elder Rodriguez

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