Monday, August 17, 2015

A Miracle!

Hello Everyone!

A lot happened this past week. This week was our best week of the transfer. We taught the most lessons we have had and really made progress with the people we are teaching.

We had Zone Conference on Thursday and I got to see some missionaries who I will miss. One of my past Companions, Elder Merrill, gave his departing testimony at Zone Conference and is going home in a week. I really liked him and I am going to miss him a lot. I will send a pic of me and him. A miracle happened this week as well.  Elder Wakeham finally changed! One morning Elder Wakeham refused to get up in the morning and work and I was absolutely not going to have that. So I called the Zone Leaders and they spoke to him a little bit. Then I guess the Zone Leaders invited him to call president and talk to him so he did. I don't know what they talked about or what he said to him, but whatever it was it worked. When Elder Wakeham gave his departing testimony at Zone Conference he mentioned that he hasn't been diligent this past transfer but he is determined to work hard for the next week and a half. His attitude is still there a little bit but he is willing to be obedient and work with me. He changed so much. Today is Zone P-Day and we are playing a bunch of games at the church building. It should be fun.

There is a couple we are working with who have been meeting with missionaries for the past 9 years. Their names are Steve and Arleeta and they want to be baptized and they know it is true but they have a road block. They are not married and will not get married. Arleeta is on S.S.I. and medical money because she has diabetes. Steve is on S.S.D.I.  If they get married they will lose their money and they cannot afford to keep paying their medical bills. They love each other very much and do not want to separate. We teach them about faith and being baptized but they can't if they chose not to be married. Even if they do separate they don't have the money to find a new place. Every set of missionaries that have taught them have been trying to get them over this barrier but have had no success. This past transfer I have grown to love them so much. They are poor as dirt but I have a special place for them in my heart. I hope and pray that one day they will get baptized and confirmed in this church.

A couple days ago I was watching the district and I was so inspired to go out and do missionary work. And I have often reflected back on the 10 moths I have been a missionary and have seen a lot of good and a lot of bad. But overall I have loved it so much. I have gained a new love for the people I serve. I love my mission so much and I can already feel that when Sept. 26th 2016 comes around I will not want to go home. I am so glad I have a long ways to go. I hope you all are well


            Elder Rodriguez

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