Sunday, March 1, 2015

Transfer week 1

Hello again!

That is super cool. Elder Merrill and I had a pretty good week for week 1 of the transfers. We get to go to all these activities such as FHE, Institute, and Sports night. It is so fun being around the YSA people. The downside about serving in Parker is everybody is super rich!! There are nice houses everywhere; nothing like Whittier. Not a lot of people will talk to us when we tract and there are Mormons everywhere as well. We tracked down like 6 or 7 members already. But the area is awesome. We are also sharing the ward with Sister Missionaries from the Colorado Springs Mission because the YSA Ward consists of 3 stakes. Parker is the farthest south the North Mission goes and it is the farthest North the Springs Mission goes. It is really weird because some of the members we want to see are out of our mission. So we have to set up an appointment at the church building.

We haven't been getting a lot of referrals so far but it might pick up soon. When we got to our apartment on Monday the other Elders that we replaced trashed it. It was so dirty and they left the oven on. Parker is maybe 30 or so minutes South of Denver. This Thursday is District Meeting and my District Leader has asked me to give some role-plays on patience. So when I was in the MTC, I meet and elder who was going to the Long Beach California Mission and I talked to him a little about Whittier. And I found out recently that he is serving in the Mar Vista Ward!! His name is Elder Phillips I think.  It has been snowing a lot that past couple of days. It has been super cold too! There is snow everywhere and in fact Saturday night/Sunday morning we were not allowed to drive except for church. My companion and I are determined to work hard and get our area going. Talk to you next week!


Elder Rodriguez

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