Sunday, May 22, 2016


Hello all!

Happy Monday! Transfers are this Wednesday and Elder Conlin and I are safe, thank goodness. Another 6 weeks in the Hidden Lake ward. However there are lots of changes going on in the zone. And yeah we got snow this past Saturday and Sunday. It probably contributed with Stella not coming to church again. If she doesn't start coming soon I don't think she will be getting baptized on May 8th. But the snow pretty much melted already but Sunday morning we shoveled 3 drive ways before church.

I'm glad that Elder Conlin and I are staying but some of the missionaries that are getting transferred will be missed. Some of them I have served with in Denver and Westminster for 6 months. But I'm sure the new missionaries coming in will be great as well. Our investigators are making some progress but not too much. Stella is still Stella. But this week we found another one named Bree, short for Brittney. She is in her late 20s or something and she loved our message on the Plan of Salvation. We are taking her on a church tour with a member this Tuesday. 

There is a senior couple that are members in the Arvada Stake but live in a retirement home in our ward boundaries called the James. They gave us a call and said they have a couple people for us to teach. They have neighbors in the retirement home as well and we taught them the Restoration last night. Their names are Vi and Ester. Vi used to be the mayor of Westminster back in the 60s and is a hard catholic. Ester is a Hispanic lady and is also a hard catholic but she has a couple of granddaughters dating Mormons and they might get baptized. They weren't too receptive but were very kind to us. We might progress with the lessons each Sunday though. 

The ward had an activity Saturday night called the Spud Derby. We each carved uncooked potatoes into derby cars and raced them on the track in the cultural hall. It was a fun night and Elder Conlin and I got missionary action figures from another elder and used them as decorations. I hope you all are well!


          Elder Rodriguez

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