Sunday, May 22, 2016

Old Friends


This week was pretty fun. Wednesday was transfers and Elder Conlin and I had to help with luggage and making sure people are in the right place. No more snow for a while or perhaps until winter. Our investigators are doing pretty well. We are working with someone named Suerina whose in her late 40s. She said she watched the Restoration video 3 times and believes that Joseph Smith was a prophet. She definitely feels the spirit but she is not ready for baptism yet. She will need more time. 

We are still working with Vi and Esther. Yesterday we showed them the Restoration video and they loved it. Sister James got bold and testified the crap out of them after it was over. Vi and Esther being Catholics said if the Pope were to take the 6 missionaries lessons he would become a Mormon. But they took it very well and they are anxious to learn the Plan of Salvation this Sunday. Stella is doing a little better. The only thing that was keeping her from baptism is church attendance. We had a lesson with her on Friday with our ward mission leader and taught her the importance of attending church. We also showed the John Tanner video and taught the seriousness of baptism.

We picked up Bob Danielson again last week. He is the member of the RLDS (Community of Christ) Church. His great great grandfather joined the church in Scotland from the efforts of missionaries and made his way over to America. But his ancestors stayed behind with Lyman White and the rest of the former saints. We showed him the How Rare a Possession video, because he doesn't want to leave his church behind. He believes in parts of our church and parts of his church and he says he still needs to pray and seek answers. He will be moving to Fort Collins soon and maybe he will make the transition when he goes there. 

May and June of 2015 was when I served in Westminster for the first time and I had a zone leader named Elder Brown. He came back to visit with his brother from BYU Provo. They are staying with us at Sister Ellis's home. It definitely made me trunky but it was really good to see him. I miss you all.


            Elder Rodriguez

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