Sunday, April 10, 2016

Great new Companion!

Hey Everybody!

Hope everything is going well!  Elder Conlin is such an awesome missionary. He is from New Orleans but doesn't have an accent. But he was a drum major in high school and we both love jazz. It's been a great week with him and he is definitely in my pool of favorites.

This week was an emotional roller-coaster. Monday and Tuesday we saw a lot of people so Elder Ah Nee can say good bye to everyone. We stayed up late Tuesday night so he could pack. Wednesday was transfer day and a lot of changes were made in the mission. Transfer day is always kinda stressful; new companion, new area, new lifestyle. All the spanish sisters that I came out with went home on Wednesday as well. Makes me think how close I am to going home. Elder Conlin and I are picking up things really quick. We taught a lot of lessons in the past couple of days and we found 2 new investigators. This week we are slammed with appointments, it's pretty awesome. The ward is not giving up on Trina and Dominick. We offered them a blessing and hopefully they will come back. 

Saturday was Stake Primary baptisms and there was a little girl in our ward that got baptized. He mother wanted us to be there and provide Book Of Mormons, pamphlets, and things like that because she had a nonmember family there. It was pretty fun. She also wanted us to give a small presentation too.

Today we are just going to take it easy. We're going to play basketball, go to the bike store and just chill. No snow yet. It's been pretty warm the past couple of weeks now and I don't know where winter went. Elder Conlin and I went jogging out in the neighborhood this morning and I haven't done that since summer. I hope we get a least a little more snow before I go home. Hope everything keep going well.


            Elder Rodriguez

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