Sunday, March 6, 2016

Companion Transfer

Hey Everybody,

The weeks fly by like days out here. This transfer is already over. Transfers are on Wednesday and a lot of changes are happening in the mission. Elder Ah Nee is getting transferred after serving 6 months in the Hidden Lake ward. He is going to a city called Brighton. He has served there before and will be glad to be back. I am staying here and my new companion will be Elder Colin. He is from Louisiana and has been out for about 9 months. He has never been a Zone Leader before so I will be training again. I'm sure many missionaries are made as usual about the changes. 

Elder Soares was a fantastic experience. We had to split the mission into two zone conferences for him to cover all the missionaries. All the leaders had to meet with him 3 times out of the two days as well. He gave a lot of great counsel and guidance on our goals and our calling. At the MLC he suggested to change our standards of excellence. He says we are aiming our goals too high. I agreed with him because the mission as a whole haven't been achieving them. One March 11th, we will have another MLC and discuss what expectations we are going to change. He was very loving and kind and everybody enjoyed hearing his Brazilian accent. 

Got some bad news. Last Monday Trina texted us and said that she and Dominick wont be participating in church anymore for medical reasons. Elder Ah Nee and I were devastated because he was super golden. We triad all week to contact them and ask for more information but they were not answering us at all. Finally on Friday she called us back and explained the whole thing. Trina has a lot of mental problems and suffers from anxiety. She can't be in a room with more than 5 people. When she came to church last week she didn't want to come to second hour and didn't attend relief society. We thought something was off and we were right. The ward counsel is not giving up though. Elder Colin and I will probably go visit them sometime and members of the ward are going to reach out to them. Ricky didn't come to church yesterday again, but we went by his house last night and he told us he went to the spanish ward in another zone two weeks ago. He wanted to attend our ward but his mom wants to attend the spanish ward for time situations or something. They also stayed for the 3 hours as well.

Members said I gave a great talk in sacrament meeting; I hope I did ok. We helped a young couple move out on Saturday morning. There were a ton of members there to help. This ward really does have a strong bond and a willingness to help one another out. It's a lot like the Pickering ward.  

This is the start of a new transfer and I only have 5 left. Things are really starting to get real. Hope you all have a great week!


            Elder Rodriguez

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