Sunday, March 6, 2016

Super Bowl Weekend

Hey Everybody!

Happy Monday. It was a wild week for the Denver North Mission. We weren't able to do archery last Monday due to some snow but we will do it another Monday. Today is Zone P-Day and we are going to play teepee dodge-ball and some other games. Tuesday we had a huge snow storm and our cars got grounded. Elder Ah Nee and myself did so much snow shoveling that day. Sister Ellis expects us to do her drive way and a couple others on the street. We did a lot of walking too. We weren't able to teach as much lessons as we would have liked but we hope we can pick things up again this week. 

The super bowl was huge deal yesterday. President didn't want us tracting or in a home where the game was on. Elder Ah Nee and I did are weekly planning and area book work in our basement. Sister Ellis and a lot of family over including the bishop to watch it upstairs. Wednesday we went to the Temple and that is always a great experience. I can't wait when I am home so I can go to the temple whenever I want. I saw a lot of missionaries from other zones at deserert book afterward. We had another MLC on Friday and this one was the best one I have ever attended. We learned a lot of helpful things and we are super excited to teach the missionaries at Zone Meeting. Interviews with President and Sister Mendenhall are this Thursday and I'm looking forward to that.

Elder Ah Nee and myself have a lot of investigators but it has been so hard to get ahold of them. And when we do set something up they cancel on us. Some of them are not very promising either. We have one named Gabe and he is in his 40s. He is living with his girlfriend and we have to get them married. We have another one named ricky and he is 13. His mom is less active and at times attends the spanish ward. He doesn't really keep commitments and is not all that interested in changing but he likes the missionaries as does his mom. We also have a couple of young girls who we got from the past sisters but we have had little to no contact as of yet. They are hard to get a hold of. But we hope we will start picking things up again this week. 

It has been pretty cold lately. I heard it is actually warmer when the snow hits because it has a cocoon effect. It does feel colder when there is an open sky though. Happy to hear you all are doing well still. Hope you have a fantastic week


            Elder Rodriguez

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