Sunday, May 31, 2015

Life in the new area :)

Hey Everybody,
Happy Monday! Things are going great here in Westminster CO. I am right next to my first area in Arvada. My first week of the new transfer was awesome. The Assistants got transferred out of the ward and they left a ton of work for us to do. We even snagged a new investigator this week. He accepted baptism! He lost his wife about 2 years ago and has a son that's about 6 or 7ish. Elder Takis and I share the ward with the Sister Training Leaders or STL's. We also have a fantastic ward mission leader who is always on top of things. It feels super good to be back in a family ward again. I am getting fed a heck of a lot more than the YSA Ward. We have dinners everyday now! The ward is about the size of the Pickering ward, not a whole lot of people but still a good size. I really like Elder Takis, we get along super well and he is also the district leader. I love my new zone. Everybody is super cool and fun to be around. We play football a lot for morning exercise. We are working with quite a few people. We have a couple of recent converts and a few referrals to try as well. We are now working with 2 investigators, one from this ward and another from the other ward that just Elder Takis and I cover. 

The weather has definitely warmed up, but not warm enough for me, haha. I want it around 75 or 80. We have a busy week planned. We are going to the Temple this Wednesday and we have some service opportunities as well. Since Elder Takis is the district leader he has weekly meetings with the other district leader and zone leaders. So since I am his companion I have to go to those as well. But Elder Gillming is the companion of the other district leader so we just do whatever we want together until our companions are done. There is a chance that Elder Takis and I along with another set of Elders will be going to a baseball game on Memorial Day! Some missionaries helped out a member and I heard he was going to give us tickets!  Hope everything is going well in So Cal!

                        Elder Rodriguez

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