Sunday, May 17, 2015

Hello May

Hello Everybody,

This week hasn't been this solid in a long time. We hit 13 lessons when we usually average about 6. We had many diner appointments as well. President Mendenhall spoke to Elder Merrill and I about the Springs Sisters. He said that I will probably get transferred and Elder Merrill will stay in 2 weeks. We have exciting news! When President spoke to us about the sisters he said he spoke to the Colorado Springs Mission President about the whole boundaries issue with the YSA ward. Both Presidents agreed that both we and the Springs Sisters can do missionary work in all the boundaries in the YSA ward. Meaning Elder Merrill and I have permission to teach members of our ward and proselyte in the Springs Mission!  And the same goes for the sisters. It is a very weird situation but it is what it is I guess.

So get this. We are teaching members of our ward right now and we met him  on Saturday. He is a voice actor and he showed us his studio. He has voiced a lot of characters in movies and tv shows. He was the voice of the talking stove in Beauty and the Beast, he did Emperors New School, the Bernstein Bears, and many other things. He gave us autographs and I got a picture with him. It was really cool. On Saturday Elder Merrill and I taught one of our investigators with an RM that got home a week ago. We had to drop her because she had a lot against the church and said she will not convert even though she has been seeing missionaries for the past 10 years or so. This Thursday we will be getting judged on how clean our car is. It is kinda a competition and whoever wins gets a gift card of some sort. So we got to clean, vacuum, and wash our car as well. I really love the YSA Ward but I also miss the normal family ward. I would really like to get transferred in 2 weeks but I also would love to come back to Parker some time in my mission.

I went on exchanges with my district leader on Saturday and took him to our ward Cinco De Mayo party. That was super fun. We had tacos and a piƱata. We also had Zone Conference on Thursday and we had to switch our car with another set of elders because we now need a ton of miles haha I miss you all and hope you are well!


Elder Rodriguez

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