Sunday, October 26, 2014

First Week in the Field

Hi everybody,

This is the end of my first week in the field and I have learned a lot. I haven't met a lot of people from the ward yet because yesterday was Stake Conference, but I have met a few and they are super nice. We are getting fed here and there and the work is getting better. There is an issue with my ward and the ward missionaries. My companion and I feel like they are expecting the full time missionaries to do all their work. The Bishop gave us a list of like 200 inactive members and told us to see what's up with them. So we called the Mission President and told him about the assignment we were given and he wasn't pleased, he doesn't want us to do the work of ward missionaries. But we can use the list to an extent.

Anyways, it is not too cold here but it gets a little chilly. Thanks for sending my sweater. Me and the other new missionaries in my mission all got to see "Meet the Mormons" at a church building! It was very good and interesting.

Elder Timothy and I and other missionaries do some service hours at a retirement home called Arvada Estates. We go every Tuesday and Thursday. We play Bingo and balloon volleyball.              

My companion and I have a car and I'm loving it. He got in a bike accident and he can't ride until next summer. So I don't know when I will be needing my bike but I will keep you all posted. I have been getting some altitude sickness here but I'm getting better everyday. It's not that bad. I'm glad to hear you are all doing well. I'm doing fine here as well and I am learning a lot. We got to go to the Denver Temple and do Endowments this last Wednesday and we also went to Deseret Book as well. It is such a beautiful temple.

I love you all, take care!

Here are some Pictures from the previous week!

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