Wednesday, November 5, 2014


Hello Everyone!

It is almost Halloween! We have to be home by 6:00pm on Halloween. They want the missionaries to be safe and everything. My companion and I went to eat dinner at a member’s home then we went home and watched "Joseph Smith: Prophet of the Restoration". And we ate a lot of junk food that night but it was fun. My companion and I and another set of Elders went to my ward Halloween party with the Trunk or Treat. It was so much fun and was an excellent missionary opportunity.

It hasn't snowed at all yet but it will soon. It is a little chilly but not extreme, my companion and I still wear short sleeved shirts. I have been battling a cold the past couple of days but I feel a lot better.  So my companion and I were doing yard work service for the sister we live with and then my companion stepped on some bricks and fell and sprained his ankle. So now he is on crutches and we can't really do anything. So as of right now, I'm the driver for our car! We didn't even go to church yesterday. I hope he heals soon so the work can move a lot faster. I did come across some cool dirt biking jumps though!

I hope you all are doing well,


Elder Rodriguez

"Ready to serve the Lord"

"I found my new playground"

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