Sunday, December 6, 2015

The work is progressing

Hey Everybody!

Things are going pretty well with Elder Hodson and I .The ward members are so great. We have dinners almost every single night. This week was pretty good, a little slower than last week but still pretty good. Wednesday we were able to go to the Temple and Desert Book. Then Elder Hodson and I and another set of Elders went to Kneaders for breakfast. Monday was Zone P-Day and that was a great turn out as well. President wants every single companionship to go somewhere for Thanksgiving. Elder Hodson and I already have 3 or 4 visits with members to go to, we feel really blessed. There is an Elder in the zone that came out with Elder Folau in fact he was his MTC comp. He is actually going home today for medical reasons. He has a bad back or something. He will be missed. And Elder Hodson and another Elder will be going home in 2 weeks as well. The Sunday before transfers will be mighty crazy. I will probably be in a trio for the day.

I hope you all are well and I wish you a happy Thanksgiving!


            Elder Rodriguez

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