Sunday, September 27, 2015

Stake Conference

Hey Everybody!
How are things going? Well? This week was a killer for Elder Folau and I. We taught a new record of 22 lessons and we got 2 new investigators. We were able to attend the Temple on Wednesday and that was amazing. Now they changed to temple schedule to 4 times a year instead of every month. At least we still get to go. But this week was just super busy. 
We have a ton of investigators but unfortunately some of them are kind of leaving us a bit one by one. But we have 4 investigators that would be baptized tonight except there are certain things keeping them from that. We have the couple I told you able, Steve and Arleeta. They have Word of Wisdom problems and they are living together unmarried. Another investigator said herself "I really want to be baptized" but she works on Sundays and can't attend church. The last one is living with her boyfriend. She had a kid with him and she doesn't want to get married yet because she doesn't feel she is ready to take that step.
But Elder Folau and I witnessed a miracle this week when we were teaching Richard, our investigator. During the lesson Linda, our investigator that can't come to church, showed up at Richards door. She lives right across the street from him and she dropped off some spaghetti. She didn't see us in the room so we said hi and asked if she wanted to join us. She gladly accepted and during the lesson she said some things that really helped Richard. She talked about how she feels the holy ghost when she reads the Book of Mormon and how she specifically prays for understanding as well. This is something that Richard is struggling with. It was an awesome lesson. Yesterday was stake conference. It is a pretty large stake. Didn't see a lot of ward members though. Hope you guys are doing great!


            Elder Rodriguez

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